The relationship between client and trainer is sometimes even more delicate than that of patient and doctor.

Scott and his assistant trainer, Evie Roisen take great pride in their ability to understand a client’s needs, expectations, and limits.  After comprehending your needs, they work diligently to exceed all expectations by pushing your limits and achieving consistent success as the end result.  Their greatest achievements include bringing clients on board who have never before attempted any type of consistent exercise.

From thorough and intense athletic training to simple strength and conditioning, allow Scott and Evie the opportunity to help you achieve your current goals and possibly even set new ones.

Balanced Health and Fitness is proud to also offer small group fitness training under the direction of Evie Roisen.  Small group fitness training offers a fun and cost-effective way for friends, co-workers, or like-minded fitness fans to train together, sharing goals, motivation, and knowledge.

Group training is available for 2-10 clients (monthly membership required) at $60/session for the first person + $15/session for each additional person.  To inquire about group training at Balanced Health and Fitness, please call 231-622-8925.

Scott Conti, Trainer

•  Certified Personal Trainer
•  CPR/First Aid Certified
•  B.S. Biomedical Science from Grand Valley State University

Scott attended Grand Valley State University where he acquired a B.S. in Biomedical Science, with a focus on anatomy and physiology.  Upon graduation, Scott entered the training arena and began a twenty plus year career as a certified personal trainer working in Arizona and Michigan.  His ability to soundly understand each clients’ needs on an individual basis has established him as one of the area’s most well respected and regarded trainers for nearly two decades.


Evie Roisen, Assistant Trainer

•  Certified Group Fitness Instructor
•  Certified Personal Trainer
•  Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
•  Sports Conditioning Specialist
•  CPR/First aid Certified

Evie discovered her love of fitness through trail running and cross training.  She thrives off of the physical and mental benefits that being active produces and seeks to share the positivity of those benefits with her clients. During her professional journey, Evie earned her group fitness certification and personal trainer certification while teaching classes and working one-on-one with a variety of client types. Aside from helping clients reach fitness goals and create new ones, Evie enjoys building her health and exercise knowledge to better serve others and to always remain current with her health and fitness knowledge.